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Ready4H2 supports the work towards realising the potential of the hydrogen transition in Europe

The EU prides itself on being a bold climate leader with the aim of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. There is no doubt that hydrogen is key to the European energy transition a

nd gas distribution companies across Europe are ready to facilitate and enable its rapid development. Hydrogen carries a unique potential for increasing energy security in

Europe, so we welcome the Council’s final green light to start the negotiations on the Gas Package with the European Parliament.

However, there is still significant work to be done on improving the Gas Package. The final agreement be

tween the EU institutions must provide the right conditions for distribution system operators to enable them to participate in the transformation of their grids and future transport of hydrogen. In this respect, the proposals on unbundling, which do not allow distribution system operators to own and operate hydrogen networks, deserve particular attention.

Hydrogen is one of the crucial elements in decarbonising Europe, and EU legislation should facilitate its utilization. Given that up to 90% of end-users are connected to the distribution network, the role of DSOs is of essence for delivering hydrogen to millions of industrial customers, central and decentral heating plants, commercial customers using hydrogen for their technological processes and other customers throughout Europe.” Said Thea Larsen, the Chair of the Ready4H2 Alliance.

For decades European local gas networks have shown the ability to deliver reliable, cost-effective, and safe pipeline distribution to millions of customers. Gas network operators are ready to handle the future hydrogen network and have the expertise to secure an efficient transition. A fit-for-purpose policy and regulatory framework should enable synergies in local gas distribution networks’ transition to hydrogen and help achieve REPowerEU goals.

Europe needs

a well-balanced legal framework that will foster investments to convert current or build

new hydrogen infrastructure, boost production and facilitate uptake. The role of hydrogen is crucial in the green energy transition due to the challenges posed by rapidly growing shares of wind and solar power that are highly variable and weather dependent. Wind and solar power need a reliable partner, and the gas infrastructure is perfectly placed to handle the growth and provide a steady hydrogen supply.

About Ready4H2

The Ready4H2 project consists of 91 European gas distribution companies and organisations working together to support the built-up of a strong hydrogen market and create a common European understanding of the future related to the transformation of the gas distributors towards

climate neutrality.

Visit the Ready4H2 website to find out more about the Alliance:

For more information

Please contact the Chair of the Ready4H2 Alliance Thea Larsen

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