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Reports & analysis

Ready4H2 is a new alliance of 91 local gas network operators in 18 countries across Europe, dedicated to developing and sharing our expertise to deliver the hydrogen transformation in practice. We are passionate about the role that hydrogen and other green gases can play in achieving net zero. 

Part 03. A roadmap for local gas distribution networks to become the leading hydrogen distribution infrastructure in 2045

23 March 2022


The Ready4H2 Alliance’s third report which presents a roadmap towards fully decarbonized gas distribution grids across Europe. By utilizing the gas distributions companies existing organizations and infrastructure it is possible to facilitate a hydrogen market development, convert the networks to hydrogen distribution and make sure local producers and consumers of hydrogen are connected. 

Key insights from the report:

  • Local gas distribution network can convert their networks to hydrogen and offer access to a European market for hydrogen producers and consumers. 

  • Hydrogen networks can deliver pilot projects in the local communities which can develop into full hydrogen infrastructure systems 

  • A fit for purpose policy and regulatory framework will be needed to enable local gas distribution networks to transition to hydrogen and help achieve REPowerEU goals

  • European policy can enable the transformation of local gas distribution networks and create a big hydrogen market across our continent, with local hydrogen distribution networks providing the essential connections between producers and consumers. This will have major benefits in a large-scale hydrogen economy, including:
    o    Reducing CO2 emissions by over 500 million tonnes a year.
    o    Creating almost 1 million European jobs.
    o    Reducing imports of fossil gas and oil substantially and improving security of supply.
    o    Supporting European manufacturing to decarbonize and thereby remain in Europe. 

15 February 2022 – updated March 2022


Part 02. The value of local hydrogen distribution networks in a decarbonised Europe.

The Ready4H2 Alliance’s second report about how the existing gas distribution companies can contribute to the rapid developing hydrogen sectors

Key insights from the report:

  • Gas infrastructure provides the means to cope with rapidly growing shares of variable wind and solar power

  • As 99% of industrial and commercial gas end-users are connected to local gas networks, we are crucial to bring the European hydrogen backbone to life and deliver large volumes of hydrogen to millions of customers

  • Analysis shows that in a decarbonisation scenario including significant volumes of hydrogen and green methane, investment in the combined power and gas infrastructure is estimated to save 41 bn EUR/year compared to a power dominated scenario

13  December 2021 – updated March 2022

Part 01. Local gas networks are getting ready to convert.


The Ready4H2 alliance’s first report about the hydrogen readiness of the millions of kilometers of gas network spread out across Europe

Key insights from the report:

  • European local gas networks deliver cost-effective and safe energy to consumers.

  • Hydrogen is key to net zero, and local networks are crucial to accelerate deployment.

  •  Over 1 million km of distribution pipelines are ready for hydrogen.

  •  Countries are starting to provide support, but it needs to be accelerated.

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